July 8


Think Carefully About Jesus

BY: Pastor Bob Miller



And so, dear brothers and sisters who belong to God and are partners with those called to heaven, think carefully about this Jesus whom we declare to be God’s messenger and High Priest.

OBSERVATION: The writer addresses his readers as “dear brothers and sisters who belong to God and who are partners with those called to heaven”. He is writing because he loves us and counts us as family and who share a common goal. He tells us to “think carefully about this Jesus”. We need to engage our minds and to know more fully whom it is we are serving and who it is that has brought us together as family and who has called us to heaven. He says we declare Him to be God’s messenger and High Priest. Is He more than that? And what does it mean for Jesus to be our High Priest?

APPLICATION: We can never know Jesus fully and completely, yet I find that the more I know about Him the more I find myself in love with Him and wanting to serve Him. The Hebrew writer urges us to “think carefully about Jesus”! I need to spend time with Him and in His Word just thinking about Him and getting to know His heart and what He wants and who He truly is. Sadly, it is when I think that I know “all about Him” that it stunts my growth towards begin like Him.

PRAYER: Lord, I want to know You more and more and to hear Your voice as You speak through Your Word. I let my mind “think” on all kinds of stuff each day, which do not add up to anything significant. Today, I want to think more fully about who You are! Amen.


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