Rock in My Pocket

By: Anne Barcus
Date:  August 6, 2020
Chapter read: John 8

S – John 8:5,59. The law of Moses says to stone her. What do you say?…Are you greater than our father Abraham…At that point they picked up stones to throw at him.

O – The crowd knew the Scriptures and their religious heritage and were willing to use it as a weapon. Even though what they knew was “right”, their emotions controlled their behavior. Instead of looking within they looked around and focused on someone else. They didn’t care if the person was a sinful woman or a sinless teacher, just don’t look at myself. A mentality of “if it makes me uncomfortable I will complain” was directed at obvious sin and pure holiness alike. Are we quick to “throw stones” at things that upset us? What issue do I throw stones at? Why do I keep a stone in my pocket “just in case”? How long does it take me to realize I’ve slipped away or Jesus is hidden?

A – When Jim was caught in adultery just about everybody threw him away. I sent him a smooth little stone that said “1st” on it. He carried it in his pocket for years. After he had repented and received grace when someone would bring up his past he would offer them the 1st stone. I am too quick to pick up stones.

P – God when I bend over to pick up a rock help me see my sin first.

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  1. Wow, one of the marks which point to the fact that I've forgotten how much God has forgiven me, is how quick I am to reach down to pick up stones to throw at others. Thanks Anne!

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