Our nature vs. God’s nature

By: Pam Crews
Matthew 19:16 and 19:26 (The Voice)
16-Then a young man came up to Jesus. Young Man: Teacher, what good deed can I do to assure myself eternal life?
26-Jesus:  People cannot save themselves. But with God, all things are possible.
The young man asked Jesus what he could do to get eternal life.  I wonder how many times Jesus heard that question and maybe thought to Himself…don’t I wish you could do it? But that’s my job.  It’s why I came.  Why I was born on this Earth.  You can’t do it…but in a couple days or weeks…I will do it for you by giving up my life and dying on a cross.  The most horrendous death you can imagine, and rising from the dead in 3 days ….covering your sins so God can’t see them and only sees my sacrifice…thereby creating a way for you to commune with Him.
As humans, we are always looking for a short cut to get what we want.  That is our nature.  If we work hard we will get what we want…But God’s nature is different.  He loves us so much that He came down to earth in the form of a man; Jesus .. because we sinned and messed up our relationship with Him…and He wanted to commune with us so bad and loved us so much, that He provided a way.  A gift.  The gift of life with Him…through the sacrifice of Jesus.  We can’t earn it.  It is a gift.  He loves us that much.  All we have to do is get out of His way and let Him do the work in our lives by healing and restoring us to who we were meant to when we were born
Thank you, Lord, for Jesus who died on the cross for my sin so I could be healed and restored to who He made me to be…please help me to stay out of your way. ….so you can work in my life.. and show the world that you love them too and can do the same thing in their lives.  I want my life to Glorify you
In Jesus Name,