Jesus may be ignoring you

By: Karelin James

Title: Jesus may be ignoring you

Chapter Read:  Matthew 15

Scripture Selected: Matthew 15:23

But Jesus never answered her. So his disciples said to him, “Why do you ignore this woman who is crying out to us?”


A woman comes to Jesus with a real need. She’s crying. Jesus ignores her. What?! The disciples are like… Jesus… this isn’t like you.


Sometimes it looks like Jesus is ignoring my cry or the cry of someone I love. My first reactions are like the disciples. What are you doing? Why don’t you help, Jesus? This isn’t how you operate.

But Jesus had a plan. He relates to me as an individual. He knows me better than I know myself. He is bringing me farther by this than I would be if He handed me everything I demand. Can I trust Jesus enough …His character, His record, our history… to wait when it feels like He is ignoring my cry?

The truth is, He was not ignoring the woman in the story. He was challenging her resolve. He was showcasing the faith He knew she had – that maybe she didn’t realize until that moment. She and everyone watching learned a lesson.


Lord Jesus, I know you hear my cry. You have always been faithful and you cannot be anything else. By your grace, help me to allow your plan to unfold in my life. Bring out new levels of faith so that I and those watching will grow in your grace. Amen