June 16


In the Little Things

By: Anne Barcus

Chapter read: Ephesians 5

Scripture selected: 1…14…15. Imitate God…the light makes everything visible…so be careful how you live.


Because the light of God makes everything visible, I must be careful how I live — I am to imitate God. It’s like I believe that if I ignore something or excuse it away – deny that it exists – then God can’t see it and I am free to live however I want. Like my denial blindfolds God. I want to live a Godly life – a carefully lived life.


Stop making excuses and compromises and choose God’s way over my way – especially in the “little things”.


God, help me to stop lying to me about me. I want to live in the brighter light that comes from watching You watch me and me obeying. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that convicts and comforts.


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