God’s Currency

By: Karelin James


Matthew 22:15-22

21 “Caesar’s,” they replied.

Jesus said, “Precisely, for the coin bears the image of the emperor Caesar.[Well, then, you should pay the emperor what is due to the emperor. But because you bear the image of God, give back to God all that belongs to him.”


Jesus cuts through the religious leaders’ attempt to trap him by going directly to the heart of the matter. His wisdom is always underestimated by them. Jesus stays “on message.” You bear the image of God – you are the currency of the Kingdom of heaven.


I bear God’s image. He has stamped me with his likeness. I am the currency of the Kingdom, for Kingdom use. Am I spending my life for myself or for the One whose image I bear?


Lord, I am Yours. Spend me as you wish. May my life be used in Your kingdom to spread your influence. Invest me in the lives of others, that You may receive the return. Amen.