Date: August 7,2020
By:   Anne Barcus
Chapter read: John 9

SCRIPTURE:  John 9:35.

“When Jesus heard what had happened, he found the man…”

O – Over and over Scripture tells me to “seek God”, “turn to God”,
“run to God”, and assures me that I will be blessed when I do.
But in this story the man was not believed and was discounted
and “Jesus found the man”. After the miracle Jesus moved on to
an unknown destination (12) but when he heard about the man’s
predicament Jesus sought him out.

A – So many times in hard circumstances I have turned to the Lord but
I need to tell about the times that God came looking for me! I will
rejoice again about the time when in the depths of my sin God
appeared only to say “I love you”.

P – God – Thank you for being the God who seeks and finds.

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  1. Anne, thanks for reminding me to remember all the times He found me before I ever got around to looking for Him!

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