Kailua Church is a place where…

  • forgiveness is given and received

  • the broken are being restored

  • encouragement is readily offered  

We are ever becoming a Place of Grace. 

We see our mission as that of sharing God's grace to anyone at anytime in anyway through the power of God's Spirit in us".   We are A PLACE OF GRACE - a place of extending God's love and healing. Wherever we are, there we are sharing God's grace!  We are a people that actively "serve" every hour of the day - at our workplace, in our schools, around our neighborhoods and in our homes.   We come together as the "body of Christ" to exalt the Lord and to be equipped for service.

We invite everyone to follow Christ and to help us fulfill our purpose to know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ and share Christ.  This means that as we walk through life together, we want everyone to discover who Christ is and how to live out our lives with this purpose.