Life at Kailua Naz this week.

Palm Sunday  6th  Sunday of Lent April  2020,

           Sunday Services will be broadcast online at 10 am.

   Sunday’s Message: Pastor Bob Miller “An unexpected Interruption”

Luke 19: 41:48 “As He approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it…”  Luke 19:41

PALM SUNDAY is the beginning of Holy Week which will culminate next Sunday with Christians around the world celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus! This Sunday morning we Celebrate Christ’s “Triumphal Entry” announcing that He is the Lord!   It is also the 1st Sunday of the Month when we would normally celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as a body of believers.  Even though we cannot gather “physically” – nevertheless we remain ONE BODY united in Christ, the Lord! And so, this Sunday morning, I am encouraging that wherever you happen to be watching our webcast, that we ALL participate together by celebrating Communion! 

As we conclude our Service, Pastor Alii from our Kailua Samoan Congregation will be joining me as we lead you in partaking of this Holy Sacrament.  (Many of you will have received  “pre-packaged” communion cups and wafers for your use –  please have them ready. If you do not have them, then you may use grape/red juice and bread/crackers for this moment of remembrance.)


GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE @ 6:30pm. This coming Friday evening, April 10th we will post a very special Worship Service.  It will feature an “eye-witness” account of the events surrounding Christ’s Crucifixion from the perspective of the Apostle Peter, Pontius  Pilot and Joseph of Arimathea.   Communion will once again be served. Please plan on setting this time aside as we continue in our Lenten journey towards Resurrection  Day!

SUNRISE SERVICE at 6 am. While we will not be meeting as a group – I encourage you to rise early and join with us in a Sunrise Celebration of Worship. You will be thrilled to hear the story of Christ’s Resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.


Let’s be more than spectators and become active participants as we engage in our on-line Worship  Services. Sing along, read the Scripture aloud! If you are using “Facebook” then engage by recording your presence and sharing your thoughts and testimony! Let’s communicate with one another: “Though you may not see me – I’m worshiping with YOU!”

Men’s Bible Study – This Tuesday at 7 am we are inviting our men to join us on a Live Interactive Conference using Zoom.  Tom Rulon will be hosting this event.

GIVING – To all of you who have either used our  ‘on-line’ giving option or who have mailed in your “tithe & offering” this past week. “Mahalo!” If you have questions about how to give online please call the Church.

I remind you to continue to use the resources that our Church is providing that will assist you in maintaining a diet of feeding your spirit and soul. Do not overlook the following:  Daily Bible Reading and personal devotions are vital.  You can access a Bible Reading Plan and SOAP on a link on our website.  For those of you that are using our Lenten Devotional Book continue to make use of the daily readings and reflection. Meet weekly with one or two others.  Spend time in prayer and mutual support and encouragement.  Have your meeting over the phone.  As you meet, let the Holy Spirit direct your heart to pray and contact others who may need encouragement and help.

RIGHT NOW Media Library. Your Church has subscribed to this service for YOU! Simply accept our invitation to register with RightNow and you will be given access to over 10,000 of the very best Christian videos for children, youth and adults. Check on the link on our website.

Go to to be informed about prayer up-dates and any upcoming events. Call Pastor Bob or the  Church Office with any needs or prayer requests.

Special  Prayer Needs & Updates:  Call the Church office with any prayer needs to be posted in the bulletin or emailed during the week. You can also complete a connection card here. 

 Our community and world that is fighting the spread of the COVID-19 VIRUS.  Pray especially for our health-workers, and those who have contracted this virus. · Pray for those who have lost employment through this time.

Continue to pray for:  Dorothy Wright, (Aunty Bebe- Health), · Patti’s Nephew,  Jack Fordham Jr.- cancer,  · Jerry Kaopuiki, Ginger’s husband -Cancer,  · Maydeen Allen · Kathryn Meadows,  Haroldine Kronenbeger’s brother- Alex -cancer,· Greg & Christine Miller- our Missionaries in Malawi.

Although we are apart in body, we are one in the Spirit! Let’s be the church – we don’t need buildings to do it!